Sysmo CLUB #4

Etterbeek | Clubbing | Atelier 210

Du 22 au 23 avril 2017
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Atelier 210
chaussée Saint-Pierre, 210 1040 Etterbeek

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Sysmo CLUB #4

Sysmo Club #4 !

20h : Doors
21h : Antonio & Friends (Spirit of Salento) (IT)
22h : Sysmo (14 percussionists dance machine)
24h : Dj Mellow & Mr Orange (Lowup Soundystem)

The Sysmo Club is a unique party concept, offering a powerful mix of acoustic & electronic music, one objective in mind : make everybody in the house let go, get deep into rhythm and dance.

20h | Doors opening

Good drinks and music & the last tickets sold at the entrance.
Get there early to assure that you get yours.

21h | Support act
Antonio & Friends (Spirit of Salento) (IT)
An experiment that takes place from hundred of unruly nights. It’s the will to bring the spirit of Salento (South of Italy) across the world.

22h | Sysmo (BE)

The 14 percussionists dance machine.

24h | Lowup Soundsystem

They have prooved it once already, Lowup brings Global Bass Music to the Sysmo Club, the only DJ’s able to deliver enough warmth, groove and power to keep you people dancing until the morning after an intense Sysmo Show.

Max le Daron & GanGah at commands.

3h | End


Early Sysmic tickets : 7€ (Limited amount)
Presale : 12€ (Reservation costs incl.)
Doors sale : 12€ (cash or bancontact)
Students : 7€ (cash or bancontact)
After 00h00 : 7€(cash or bancontact)

02 543 44 49


Antonio & Friends
Low Up Soundsystem

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Atelier 210

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